Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We are still adjusting. I am still finding myself wondering what the heck we did and why the heck I am putting my kids to bed each night, in my parents basement. I still get teary eyed when I walk into my empty, echoy house and I still get nauseous when I renew our rental advertisement. I love my little house, even if she was suffocating us with her smallness.

Now the hunt is on and "home" is out there somewhere. We are playing the biggest game of hide and seek-of our lives, and I feel so much better about the seeking part now that we are on neutral ground. (neutral ground being my parents basement). I can think clearer and be calm now about signing the dotted line, because phase one is over. I just don't know how people do phase one..(settling the affairs of a current home) right smack in the middle of creating the affairs of a new home. All the while keeping up with the blasted homework.

So yes, adjusting. And we are. But these things take time I guess, and snipping the apron strings of a good life of 12 years- is a process. Part of that process was Scott's release from the bishopric of our ward. Scott has been in the bishopric or helping the bishopric as the executive secretary for the last 9 years, so when Sunday morning rolled around, he and I were both emotional. Words can not justly state what a gift those nine years have been. Those 9 years of service combined with my years as Young Women's president and my time in the relief society presidency have made up a huge chuck of who Scott and I are. Service changes a person. It refines and softens and teaches, and I am thankful way down deep in my soul for our chance to do it. It has been so, so good.

And, to be perfectly honest, basement life has been fine so far. I love spending time with my Mom, working on the day-to-day tasks of life together. Me with my kids and her with my little niece. It's kind of fun to share the nose wiping and the tantrum calming and the dish doing and the baby rocking, with a veteran of almost 40 years. I am certain that this time together will be a blessing to both of us. Besides that, Kaden is enthralled with my Dad and has been spending the evenings glued to his side. And on Saturday, Branson and my Dad spent the afternoon building a platform for the trampoline. To say Branson was in his element, is an understatement. What a blessing my parents have been to us.

Plus, we are doing the best we can to put the extra driving time to good use. I keep paper back Book of Mormon's in my console and we read to the sound of Cali munching on her morning cereal. Today after reading, Branson told me a really long story about the caterpillars that they raised last year at school. I love sitting next to the kids in the car when they start to spill their guts. It's like the "on" button gets pushed and they will tell you anything you ever wanted to know. I could listen to their stories and thoughts and feelings all day long. If there is a silver lining to long drives, that would be it.

I think we will all get adjusted and things will settle and then right when that happens...it will be time to adjust again.

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