Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost There

We are so close now I can smell it! And it smells like coconut shoulders, watermelon, chlorine and hose water on a hot side walk. I can hardly wait a few more days until these kiddos are all mine again and we are free to stay up late, ignore the clock and best of all, wallow in the beauty of no homework. To me "no homework" is summers greatest gift. For the life of me, I cant understand why children need to be gone at school for 7 hours in a day and then come home and do more of the same. But thanks to blessed summer break we are free at last!

Well almost. A few more days.

Some of our end of the year activities, if you please.

Ella had her graduation. (Graduation..whatever, but it was cute). Here she is singing her little Spanish song with a lot of la, la, la's.

Plus, I went in to help the twins celebrate their unbirthday (since they have summer b-days). Their teacher (amongst other amazing things) provides the best b-day celebrations. They get to do all kinds of special things through out the day and then they get to sit at the front of the class and get sung to. This isn't just the typical "Happy Birthday to You" either- this is a rockin', clappin' sing a-long, followed by banging on your desk as loud as you can. Then one by one the kids tell the birthday child what they like about them and then the Mom gets a turn and the teacher, it is fantastic and the twins loved it.

Here they are soaking in all the compliments.

Cali and I were there too!

I am a huge believer in family traditions even if they are ridiculous. 2 Summers ago, on our way to the beach we stopped and ate at a Golden Coral. It was hysterical. Our kids thought they had died and gone to heaven. They talked about the Golden Coral like it was the finest dining in the world. So now, every time we drive to California we stop pay the Golden Coral a visit. A few weekends ago, when we had cleared our schedule for the first time in months the kids begged for a pig out session at our local Coral. So we obliged.

round 2

Here is Ella explaining to us how she Luuuuuves strawberries and chocolate and how she hates marshmallows and chocolate.

Ridiculous...yes, glutenous...yes...doing it again...yes!
One more day of running crazy and then the glory of summer begins!

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