Monday, May 21, 2012


(for your blog reading information this post has taken me like nearly a week to finish. A sentence here, a sentence there, in between poopies and homework and searching for a renter...please excuse it for not being very coherent but I just have to get the darn thing posted. Also, for some reason when the pictures were transferred to shutterfly they transferred at low resolution and I haven't the time to redo them. Blast you low resolution! And its too bad too because I had some gems. But please enjoy the high resolution pictures that I high jacked from my friend Robin who is a fantastic photographer)

I have been with my sister a lot lately. And even though I am still struggling to soften and open my heart, it has given me the chance to once again be profoundly grateful for who I am--just the way I am. It has also helped me to see the light of Motherhood even more clear. It is bright and beautiful. I have learned from her struggle that my kids don't need anything fancy, spectacular and amazing from me, they just need me. And everyday that I can give them a gift.

Right now the best things in my life are the simplest. Don't you love simple? It's quiet time to read my scriptures. It's prayer. It's a trip to the temple. It's a date with my husband. It's lunch with my Mom. It's having an occasional nap with my four year old,  now that we are down to her last few months before Kindergarten. It's serving my friends when they are in need. It's making dinner for my family and helping Kaden with his homework. It's jumping on the trampoline with Brylee. It's reading with Brans, or rocking with Cali. It's being available to drop everything and do important things with my kids.

On Tuesday, I hadn't planned to have to be anywhere but early in the day I read an email saying that the Angel Moroni statue would be placed on our new Gilbert Temple, at 2 pm. My heart is so wound up in this new temple that I debated only for a minute until I decided that we would be there. It would be such a pain to crunch my time, pack the drinks, find parking, lug the babies, endure the heat, ect, ect. These things have a price tag you know.

My kids attend school just a stones throw from the temple site, which was going to be helpful. By adjusting the nap and accomplishing a few things faster than normal, I made it to the school in time to trek the babies across the hot parking lot, excuse Kaden from his class and meet the twins in the field in time to see the beautiful gold statue of the Angel, be placed on the steeple of the temple.

It was worth it.

There was a huge crowd gathered on the other side of the street but the school yard was pretty empty. As soon as the statue lifted into view things got crazy. Kids were shouting and pointing and running to get a better view, adults were lifting kids onto their shoulders and tons of other teachers started bringing their classes out to get a look. Cars were slowing down and the kids were climbing the fence. It was amazing! I loved the whole experience.

In the car on the way home Kaden told me that he knew why I had felt so good about moving them to this school 3 years ago. When I asked him why he said,

"Because of today".

Then he told me how glad he was that his school is neighbors with the temple.

I am too.

It was a good day.

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Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

That was really cool, Julz. It made my heart so full, I wish I could have seen it, but seeing the pictures really made my day.

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