Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We have a room mate here in the basement. She is a 25 year old bouncy horse thing that my Grandma bought for my little brothers, many moons ago. I have been watching Cali stare the stallion down and make attempt, after attempt at getting her wiry little body into the saddle. Her toes grip the smooth plastic, her fists wrap tightly around the red handles- but to no avail, she looses strength and slips back to the carpet.

Until Monday when I heard the shrieks of victory coming from the North. I looked over to see that little Skinny throw her head back in triumph, mouth wide agape with glory.

She had conquered.

And she was proud with all of her soul. She was Jone of Arch, she was Amelia, she was Kerri Strug.

Congratulations my Little. Here's to many MANY more victories.


Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

I didn't even know who she was until I started reading. So, to me she is getting really big.

kellibattraw said...

I don't think that could be any cuter!

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