Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Star

Ella is the spice of life. She has an entire life time of personality all squished into her little frame. She can be sweet as a summer daisy and as salty as an ocean spray. She is smart, and kind, and silly and ornery as all heck when she wants to be. But I swear, I miss that little sass when she is away and I love being her Mama.

Last Saturday Scott and I watched Ella dance in her recital. It was so fun! Cutest thing I 've seen in a long time.

Dear Ella Mae,

You were fantastic in the show! I liked how you smiled big and how you looked so happy and confident doing your dances. I liked how you wore my ballet shoes from all those years ago and I liked how careful you sat in the car so that your make-up and hair would stay nice. Mostly, I just really like YOU! You are a star!
Love, Mom. 


Anderson Adventures said...

So cute and fun! Grandma west would be proud :)

kellibattraw said...

No doubt about it, you guys make beautiful children! : )

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