Monday, June 18, 2012

75 Miles

I am behind life feels out of sorts. I am busy with my 5 kids, all home full time for the summer. I need sleep. I have nieces and nephews around all of the time, which is a blast but the kid count being as high as it is, makes quiet thoughtful time an elusive captor. House hunting is hard. We read in the paper the other day that our exact desired location, (which is basically the same area we have lived for 12 years is the hottest housing market in the country). That's right in the country. We put an offer on a house Saturday that had been on the market for a few hours. In less than one day they had 6 total offers, 5 above asking. Good...yes. Bad...yes. I lose sleep over house hunting. Toss, turn, toss, turn...morning!
But Kaden had an amazing scout camp. He walked through the door last Saturday with a dirt uni-brow, a dirt mustache, caveman feet and the very light of self confidence shinning through all of it. He did HARD things and he did them so well. He completed a total of 75 miles. 25 canoe, 25 bike and 25 hike. WOW!

After a thorough shower, he and I sat on the couch together. I told him to start on Monday and tell me everything from everyday. What they ate, what they did...everything. When he got to Wednesday, he buried his head in the couch cushion and I could see warm little tears start to pool in his eyes and slip down his sunburned cheeks. I whispered in his ear to meet me in the bedroom and then I went to find Scott. When we were safely tucked away behind a closed door, Kaden found a way through his emotion to tell us that he had felt the spirit stronger than ever before and that on one beautiful after noon, alone in the pine trees, worn tired from a 12 mile hike...he had made promises to the Lord and had felt surrounded by the love of Heaven. I was so happy for him and so thankful for wonderful leaders that made countless sacrifices to give my growing boy this experience.

Also on the first day of canoeing there was a wind storm. Kaden and two other boys couldn't get through the wind in their little boat and ended up getting separated from their leaders. They felt completely terrified and panicked. They struggled through the wind without success so they parked their canoe and prayed together for safety. In this part of the story Kaden looked at us and said,

"Mom, we were so scared, and tired and there were tons of little spiders in our boat that were freaking me out, but after we prayed, I knew we would be safe, so we left the boat and swam for shore."

I loved the mixture in his story of 12 year old boy details and absolute golden faith.

How I love my Kaden boy, I'm so proud of him.

Later we went to Denny's for kids eat free night and a celebration of Kaden's triumphant week at scout camp. I was so happy to have him back. Ella and Cali couldn't get enough of the boy.

Later in the week, we celebrated the twins b-day and that needs a post of it's own. Lets just say that Brylee survived one very close call with, "backyard mishap". That girl had birthday party guardian angels with her for sure.

So scout camp was a success, and just so you know, I literally gagged when I cleaned out that kids pack. Damp, dirty, stinky...disgusting. Imagine the contents of this...

smashed in his pack and then set to simmer in the summer sun on the drive home. Blekkk!


stacy said...

thank you for posting this!!! it totally reminded me that tristan had two cameras with pictures on them that i haven't seen.

i loved how amber said, "i swear heavenly father goes camping with those boy" i totally believe that! the scary things these boys are up against at time on these trips...he has to be there! :) love the tent!!!!

Melanie said...

i cant even tell you how much i love that he's at scout camp IN FLIP FLOPS!

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