Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday Letter-Branson at 10

Dear Branson,

My heart aches a little that it is already time for another birthday letter. But I also feel profoundly happy while I sit here and type and think about you. With one more year, has also come thousands of happy moments and memories that we get to keep forever. What a joy you are to me and every year the joy that you first brought to our family a whole decade ago, gets bigger and bigger and bigger. My goodness how my heart nearly burst at the sight of your beautiful baby face on that early June morning. I loved you so much and I have loved more and more everyday since.

Branson you have a gift for helping with the younger kids. You have a natural instinct to know what the little ones need and how to do it. Your little sisters and all those younger cousins are drawn to you because they know you will play with them, love them, teach them and most importantly make them feel like the most special person on earth. Just the other morning, you noticed that Sidney's hair was in her face, you took her to the bathroom, brushed her back and fastened it into a ponytail holder all by your self. I have watched you give countless acts of service just like that one over and over to the younger children in your life. You are so good at noticing who needs help and giving that help with out being asked. This gift will be such a benefit to you through out your life as you continue on in family life, serve a mission and have a family of your own someday. Always remember that when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God. I know that Heavenly Father has special work for you to do and if you continue on faithful, just the way you are now you will be able to accomplish amazing things and be a blessing to so many people. And that Branson, is the very essence of happiness.

I love how busy and active you are. Remember, that's how you got nick named, "the man with a plan?" I rarely find you in front of the television, you would much rather spend entire days, building, playing, working, fixing and experimenting than anything else. Even chores are more appealing to you than sitting still. This is such a good quality to have and you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Branson, you are growing up so handsome, strong, talented and kind. You have a strong testimony and I am so happy that I get to be your Mom. All those years ago when we first met, I loved you and held you and looked into your eyes, I put your face up to mine and whispered a promise of love into your tiny ears. That love has been so easy to give and has multiplied stronger and faster than I could have imagined. You entirely stole my heart that day and now a whole decade later it still belongs to you.

I love you more than life and breath my sweet boy.

Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom

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