Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Party

I was asked the other day if it is hard to keep blogging when I have very few readers and even fewer responses to what I write.

"No",  is the answer, been doing it for years. What IS hard, is to keep blogging in the summer, when I am living in someone elses house.

But the summer is slipping away! Melting like the kids Popsicles that slide red, purple and orange streaks down their arms. I get a lump in my throat when I think how little time I have left until we are forced back into the schedule and back (gulp) into homework. dundundun!

So here goes my catch up...

We celebrated the twins 10th birthday! Be still my heart, a whole decade just went by in one breathe!
Grandma Mag cards!

The HUGE slip in slide!

We are 10!

At this point in the picture roll, I will pause to say that Brylee was bounced by Kaden and Dallin so high and so crooked that she dropped from the sky at I swear 20 feet, head first- she hit the ground and rolled, popped up and laughed. I nearly died of a heart attack and then I banned the bouncing game. Thank our lucky stars that Brylee is a ball of athleticism or I don't know that the out come would have been the same. Scary!

Jaci brought Ella some pomatoes!

Of course we had cotton candy and I am pretty sure that the twins felt loved and celebrated. It sure was a fun party, even if I was tired as the hills by the time it was all cleaned up. Worth it for sure. Happy Birthday my amazing little pair!

Fathers Day was just a good chance to remind ourselves how blessed we are in the Dad department. Scott has such devotion to his kids and they are so lucky to have him. Me too.

Plus my dad that deserves far more than he ever gets. He has already done every "dad duty" you could possibly think of and now he does it for my kids too. He and Branson built a very cool trampoline platform that the kids have loved!

We are off to the beach next week, where I will try to savor all those good moments that slip through my hands and diappear before I am ready. It seems like no time at all passes before I am back here blogging events as memories instead of looking forward to them.

I cant stand it! Slow down, slow down!!


~ Sara Ann said...

I read your blog faithfully!!!! I check at least every other day to see if there's an update. Do you use facebook? XOXO Love the update! Happy birthday to the twinners! :)

Melissa Howell said...

Know that you have a very grateful, regular reader all the way across the country. I think you're an amazing writer and a wonderful mother and wife. I check your blog every few days and really enjoy your posts, insights, and keeping up with your beautiful family. You're probably an inspiration and a source of comfort to more people than you realize. Just because people may not be commenting a lot (I think this may be only the 2nd or 3rd time I've commented), doesn't mean you aren't teaching or inspiring others. You've unknowingly had a big impact on the way I mother and the things I think about while caring for my children. I appreciate your honesty, realness, and inner strength even in spite of stress, sleep deprivation, and busyness. I would most definitely say your blog is my favorite read, even compared to some of the more popular ones I've read like "Momastery" and "Nat the Fat Rat." Keep writing! I am grateful, and I'm sure your family will continue to treasure this awesome record of your lives forever.

Robin said...

First of all, I'm so glad Brylee is still alive. That being said, we miss you guys! I miss seeing your cute kids run around the neighborhood. It's good to know that you are all up to some good summer fun. Also, I can't believe your twins are 10! I can still visualize you carrying both of their carseats through church. Wow! Time flies! Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the house hunt. I feel your pain!

Dixiechick said...

I also read your blog regularly….when I remember to read blogs. It is one of the few that I actually read and don't just scroll through. I feel like we think about parenting very similarly and I love that. You cherish your kids so much and I feel like you capture the way I feel about my kids too…and if I have a hard day with them you help me remember to cherish those days too. Your blog is great Julz. Saw your husband and kids at the swim meet the other night. That was fun. Hopefully I'll see you at the Division meet tomorrow too!

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