Sunday, June 10, 2012

If I Had the Time

(This is a post I wrote last week and never finished until now. Stay tuned for Scout Camp adventures, twin b-day letters and a house packed full of long lost Georgia Peach sister is here!)

Summer nearly kills my blog. In all my years of blogging I have yet to do a very good job over the summer, even though it is my favorite time of the year.

I could write all day about how many times I get to apply and reapply the kids shoulders with sunblock. I could write about how Ella had a huge fit last night because it was 10pm and she wanted to take her mermaids out side for a late night swim in the bubble pool, and I had to say "no". She ended up calming down and falling asleep right on top of me. Her tummy to my tummy. I could write how I really loved that and about how she has the silkiest smooth skin that she likes to have tickled while she dozes off.

I could write about what a fast swimmer Brylee is, how she already came home with 2 blue ribbons and how she likes to send text messages to her teacher, everyday. I could write about how she has made quick friends with my cousins little girl from around the corner, even though they had only met once or twice before now. They have become kindred spirits like Anne Shirley and Diana.

I could write about how Kaden is STILL gone at scout camp and how my prayers for him are quite long and how I cant wait to get my hands on him tomorrow and find out every detail of his adventure.

I could write about Branson and his bottomless appetite for play. The boy plays from sun up to sun down. When I was a kid here in my parents house we were always rigging up contraptions with the hose to keep us busy for the summer and now Branson does the same. I could write about he and I had a good long and needed laugh the other night when he gave himself a nice spritz of my Mom's perfume. When I hugged him good night, I complimented him on how pretty he smelled and then we laughed our guts out.

I could write about the 360 race that I had with my brothers yesterday. I beat the brothers 2 out of three times, even though Branson beat all of us by a long shot.

I could but I am too busy keeping up with all of this to find the time. will have to wait.

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Katie said...

Summer is the best!

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