Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer and Growing Up

This morning, after a very late night Scott and I rose with the birds. Scott took a shower and I sat next to my biggest boy and rubbed his warm shoulders until he started to blink and stretch and find his bearings of wakefulness..

After one last hour of prep he left for scout camp and for the very first time in his life he and I will be apart for an entire 6 days. Man! I do not like the feeling these sorts of things leave me's heavy and it sits like a rock in my stomach.

He was so tender yesterday and this morning, all full of extra sympathies for me, because his little soul knows that along with my excitement for his adventure, I have a mother-load of angst. I can remember when Kaden started Kindergarten thinking that if he hesitated at all, if he looked back at me with anything but a smile, if there was any tight hand holding, any tears- that I would just say, "OK Buddy, run for the car, lets blow this joint and go the heck home."

But that handsome little blondy, smiled and waved and conquered Kindergarten.

And today will be no different.

On his last camp out I was told that when Kaden reached the end of the up hill, 4 mile hike, he dropped his pack and went back down to help 2 other struggling boys.

Be still my heart.

When in all the world did he get so old? How did he go from sleeping every night nestled between Scott and I, to heading off on his own for a 6 day camp?  It feels like very little time at all has passed since he was still all mine.

But so far, today has been a fantastic start to summer. We made it through the last day of school:

The twins class saying good-bye to the worlds best teacher!

Brylee and friends

Branson and friends

Kaden getting ready to throw away his folder. The condition of this folder is a good representation of how difficult the year was...good riddance!

Brylee's last good-bye's...I love the drama!

I LOVE having no schedule and I love not having to be anywhere. I love that the twins plus one neighbor boy have been on the trampoline since 10 am filling up huge water balloons and playing in the sprinkler.

I love that Ella slept in until 9 and that  she is now sitting at my feet dressing her magnet dolls.

Happy Day! Summer is here!
(Dear Scout Leaders, bring my boy back in one piece...or else)

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