Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ella's Love Hate

It is no secret that Scott and Ella have a little something special going. They have secrets and stories that they share and Scott loves to give in to Ella's every whim. He loves to let her sleep in the crest of his shoulder and he loves to get her talking about her day.


He also enjoys causing a good shrilling scream -teasing the ever loving life out of her, seems to be a temptation that is beyond his ability to resist.

Yesterday Ella and I were driving in the car when she said out of the blue,

"Mom, I am never going in the ocean with Daddy again."

I had to hold in my laugh as to not provoke certain hysteria from my easily offended little girl. But her statement was funny because I had witnessed the very moment she was referring to....

watching daddy swim

snatched and resisting

resisting is futile

forcing Ella to have fun

one more attempt

Letting Dad have it

Making up

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