Friday, July 13, 2012

Movie Date

The other night, I did something that I most definitely never do. I watched a movie. Me plus movies don't mix well. I sit down thinking, "OK I can do this, I can!" And before I know it, I simply can not stick it out. I'm telling you- me and movies have our troubles. But Branson asked me on a date of sorts and before I could resist, I found myself all snuggled up on the couch with the boy, watching Spiderman of all things. (Bleeehhk!) Scott would be so very jealous as he is often trying to persuade me to do such things with him.

And so I decided that I can find good use for useless things like movies, if it means that I get to run my hand over the tan skin on Bransons back and hear him warn me in that classic-caregiver style of his to, "cover your eyes Mom!", at the scary parts.

Just the sound of his raspy voice explaining all the unexplainables in that show was priceless payback, for the pain and suffering I endured. Delicious I tell you.

Man, I love that boy. And Spiderman, may I never have to let your ridiculousness seep into my consciousness again.

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Dixiechick said...

Thank you! I seem to be the only person I know that hates sitting through movies. They are such a waste of my time! There are a few that I really like, but VERY few. I don't understand why everyone in the world is so crazy about movies and has to go to premiers and dresses up like characters and all that insanity. I just don't get it. And I pretty much fall asleep at the drop of a hat when most movies start. Oh, I knew I liked you. You're so smart. :)

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