Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our First Day

Friday was our last official day of summer break. Saturday we had, "meet the teacher" and Sunday, we went to church, set out our clothes, pack our backpacks and had blessings.

I didn't make any plans for our last hurrah but when the kids were in their swim suits and out back playing by 9 am, I decided to join them. I love jumping on the trampoline. I do. But after having 5 babies and aging almost 2 decades, since my prime trampoline jumping years-well,  it's just not the same.

But I really didn't care.

The kids love to put the sprinkler under the trampoline and my 3 big kids have all sorts of games they play like this. It was great to finally join them (and beat) them. I was sore like something else the next day but even Ella keeps saying,

"Mom, bemember that day that you played in the water with us? I bemember that."

Yes, absolutely, I will always bemember that.

And as much as I would have loved to have pictures of our last day under the sun, I just couldn't bear to leave the water and grass and slip inside to get my camera. I wish I had pictures of everything and everyday but sometimes I simply can not be the photographer and the Mom.

Although yesterday I was. I woke up early, I made sure to give myself enough time to get dressed, to pray and to pack lunches. I had made the cinnamon rolls the day before (a first day tradition) so I just started the bacon, made the eggs and cut up the fruit before heading back down stairs to rub sleeping heads and pull back covers and turn on lights.

I gathered my 3 big kids, all bleary eyed and warm around me on the couch for scriptures. And before long they were all shined and cleaned and combed and brushed and tied and we hit the porch for pictures.

They all looked simply delicious.

We made the drive and with hardly a glance back my way, they were out of the car and darting off with friends.

And that was that.

There is no better time than the first day of another school, as you see your kids fade away into the crowd of new backpacks and new shoes, to re promise yourself to be thankful for every hair on their heads and every warm summer day that you have together and every inch of their growing.

Because they are growing.

No better time to "bemember" how lucky you are.


Katie said...

Can't believe you're back at it! Love the pictures!!

Jedidiah said...

Everytime you describe how you wake your kids up it makes me think of the first episode of Malcolm in the middle when the mom bursts into the room yelling, ripping covers away and opening the blinds. All the kids scream and shrivel up like their allergic to light.

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