Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rethinking my Stance

Yesterday Jenny and I were out back while an entire litter of our children plus a few extra were roaming the back yard-burning off the last of the days sunlight. On these sweltering summer evenings clothes are optional for those 2 and under, right? Right.

I was holding my sisters baby who strongly resembles a Kewpie doll...

See what I mean? Anyway, I even had my feet kicked up, when one of the 6 year olds said rather casually to my sister, "Mom will you clean up the poop in the castle." The castle being the plastic castle play house. I shot out of my chair like a rocket, made my way to the afore mentioned castle and squeamishly peered down at it.

Oh the horror! Poop smeared up it's gray plastic steps, poop streaked down the yellow slide, poop up and down the sides- and then to find the culprit. My eyes darted around to the handful of naked bums looking for any evidence. When my eyes fell to my own innocent little Cali, I nearly passed out. I tossed my Kewpie to her mother like a football and tried to find a poop free spot on my baby for holding. When none could be found I commanded Branson to bring out some soap and I scrubbed the girl down right there in the grass, with the hose.

Then Jenny and I soaped and hosed and scrubbed the poop riddled castle. I hustled Cali to the bath, only pausing on my way in, so my dad could laugh at us and shoot me a sarcastic, smirky,

"whatcha doin' Julianne?"

The magic of a summer evening had been spoiled, soiled, ruined and I was disgusted. I wrapped Cali in a towel and hauled her downstairs. I dressed her and set her on the sink to comb out her hair.

It was then and only then that I noticed a most horrifying detail...a dingleberry of poop was clinging defiantly to a strand of her golden brown wisps, right by her dreamy blue eyes.

Oh the shame!

I am offically rethinking my fondness for naked babies in the yard on hot summer nights. It just might be over rated.

(Dear Grandma Joyce, Happy Birthday, I am sorry that I  had to tell this story about your name sake on your birthday. But I bet you had a good laugh. How I miss you!)

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