Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Summer Fade

Summer is fading away and it is undoubtedly making me sad. Sure, quieter days and fewer messes does have some allure but I don't really care about all that. I like having my kids around, where I can see them, hear them, talk to them, be with them.

A few weeks ago my parents taught Bransons primary class. My Mom was telling me how great the lesson my Dad gave was and how she was overcome with emotion when she thought of the world that those little guys will face in the coming years.

My only response was.."that's why I love summer."

Summer makes them all mine. Summer lets my soul rest from worrying about what else may be influencing them and who else may be teaching them. I get to run up the score for a few weeks and I love it.

4th of July
Crapes, swimming and backyard fireworks.

There were days not too long ago when I made sure I had red, white and blue for all my kids on the 4th, matching bows for the girls and coordinating shirts for me and Scott. This year, my kids just went from pj's to swimsuits back to pj's. It was so awesome, so laid back and so perfect for a girl who prefers simple to extravagant, any day of the week.
Dad at the grill


Watermellon eating contest

frizbee contest

ring-a-round with Melly

The audience

New House
Scott and I snuck away from the 4th of July pool party for a few minutes to visit our dirt. We couldn't be more excited about this new home.

Free food
Kaden was out on his second scout camp of the summer last week. He had another amazing time but it will have to wait for the pictures. While he was gone the kids and I dressed up like cows so we could get free food at chick-a-fillet. Branson was so embarrassed and ripped off all his spots and his ears the very second the free food was in hand. Me on the other hand...I'll dress up like anything for 30 bucks of free food and a lunch mess that I don't have to clean up.

Swim meet
I have missed every single swim meet this summer. It is beyond hard to take a 4 year old and an 18 month old to a crowed swimming pool, in the blazing heat, for 4 hours. It is equally as hard to find baby-sitters. Jenny agreed to keep Ella for me so I strapped Cali in her stroller and headed to the divisionals swim meet on Thursday. It was not easy keeping Cali -safe, cool and happy but I loved being there. When we came back to my Mom's their was a crowd of cousins, aunts and uncles sitting in the family room. My Mom shouted across the way,

"Brylee, how did you do?"

Brylee dropped her towel and pulled 3 blue ribbons from behind her back. Everyone exploded into cheers. It was awesome and Brylee felt as good as gold. Championships are this week but win or lose Brylee has had a great season. I'm so proud of all her hard work.

Jenny the little stinker, went and took these three back to Georgia.

It was such a heart wrentching farwell, as it will be a long good-bye. Gavin and Sid really love the twins and they have spent the summer joined at the hip. I swear, I can still hear sweet little Gavins sobs. It was horrible.

Proof in the Sky
Last night the kids and their cousins were jumping on the trampoline in the sprinklers. An activity that they have done countless times this summer. Branson and Brylee came running to the back door like they had the news of the century to share. They were wide eyed and shouting at me to come quick and bring my camera.

My first thought was,

"Branson, I do not need to take another picture of you guys jumping on the tramp."

But they were persistent so I got my camera and came out side. Both the twins pointed to the sky and Brylee said,

"Mom, look what Heavenly Father did."

and Branson added a, "can you believe it?! Look at that!"

The whole sky was filled with huge beams of sunlight shooting out from the clouds. It really was a sight to behold and I couldn't help but hug the twins and tell them both how perfect it is that they notice the beauty around them and how I love their faith. Life is good when two 10 year olds can look at the sky and know that God is real. Simple and sure.

I have less than two weeks left of this stuff.

Sniff, sniff.

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So excited for you guys and your new place. Where is it, and when will it be done!? We miss you guys.

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