Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summers End

I am suffering with my "back to school" stomach ache. There are not too many things to me as sad as, "back to school". And this time it feels worse than ever. Maybe because this summer has been so very good to me. But Monday morning is fast approaching and no amount of pouting will turn back the calender.

Back to school means that my kids are another year older. It means that they will now be spending more time in a day with a teacher than with me. It means that I have to start guessing and asking who they ate lunch with instead of knowing. It means early mornings and early nights. It means, "good-bye" to facilitating long empty days of playing in the hose and fixing snacks and popping pop-corn and applying their sun block.

Everyday, Every-single-day. I see the little boy scribble of my youngest brothers name, markered across his childhood toy box, here in the basement. The "J" is adorably backwards and it makes me wonder what else he did on that long ago day. Did he eat PB and J with my Mom at the counter, did he climb a tree or play in the hose or nap the afternoon away?  His life now, is a far cry from an innocent, little boy summer and I wonder just what my Mom would give- to get that one day back. What fortune she would offer in exchange for a few hours with that little boy and his delicious, adorable...backward J's.

But it cant be helped.

And that is why I savor summer and the feel of their hands still finding their way into mine. I feel so acutely aware of the brevity of my time with them and their time as carefree kids. 

Couldn't it just bring you to tears?

Summer is such a gift and I am so thankful for this one and all the others that are filed away in my heart for safe keeping. And mostly I am so thankful for the gift of a loving, Savior that gave everything to make these 5 mine forever..even when summer is over.

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