Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sometimes, you eat beef jerky in bed. You shower before working out, and your feet are as flat as pancakes.

You make us laugh at your boisterous singing and your "foreign language" that includes words like nostrilious for nostril and bicycletta for bike.

You are ambitious and determine in every way and if I had to describe your style of living in one word, it would be thorough. You do nothing half way.

Time has barley changed you, only a few grey hairs peeking out here and there. If anything, time has made you even more of everything I like. Strong. Safe. Spiritual. Steady. Sure. Stable. Steadfast.

You know me well enough to never, and I mean never, make me watch boxing. Our children think you are Superman and you have a knack for seeing the world through their eyes.

I like your stubby, bitten finger nails and I like the feel of your hand around mine. When we first started out,all those years ago I thought you were shy and even though you really aren't, I still see that side of you every now and then.

You are not one to react with dramatics or boldness. You take your time, assess, think it through. You are a "measure three times, cut once" type of man.

When you are home, life is so good and when you are away, I miss you. Your testimony and commitment to God warms my heart and makes me feel safe.

You have provided to me the gift of never ever having to be a working mom. Becasue of you, I have been here with them, undivided- every step of the way. I feel that gift in every loaf of bread, every pair of new school shoes and every box of diapers. Thank-you will never be quite enough.

I loved you so much that hot to stormy, August day and I have loved you more everyday since.

Happy 14.



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