Friday, August 31, 2012

A Message for my Children

Dear Children,

As of right now, and for the next several weeks, we have a 25 minute drive to school. Therefore it is imperative, that you have both shoes fastened to your little feet when we leave the house. It is imperative that that you do not forget a backpack, a lunch, a homework assignment.

You see my sweet little gaggle, twice, that's right TWICE this last week, the afore mentioned items have been left. I can literally feel my blood pressure rise like a bubbling volcano, when I hear the desperate cry from the back seat as we pull into the school parking lot,

"Mom, I forgot my shoes."

I would like to teach you all,  here and now, that shoes are an important part of success in life. For the love of all that is decent and righteous, please put on your shoes! I did not enjoy traipsing into the store, in not much more than yoga pants and a t-shirt, hiding behind sunglasses, to procure a pair of new shoes that we did- not- need. Only we did need...because the right shoes were 25 minutes away. (50 minutes to cover the ride back).

Running through the store in flip flops, with only minutes to spare, is a terrible way to send your Mother off for the day.

Don't do it again, is good advice.

I am writing this letter to inform you that the cost of the shoes will be covered by you. Not me, you. And when backpacks and such are left, there will be  hungry stomachs and zeros for homework. I will give you one guess as to whose stomach will be hungry...and it isn't mine.

Children, you should know that I love to wake up early, provide you with clean clothing, have scriptures with you, make your breakfast, pack your lunches, sign your planners, drive you across town and assist in everything from hair brushing to deodorant finding. I also take full responsibility for the care and feeding of your 2 little sisters. Clearly, I am doing my part. The rest, sweet dears, is up to you.

And did I mention Shoes!

Got it?!

With much love and complete confidence,

You devoted Mother.


Melanie said...

HA! you crack me up. finding a way to cleverly write about the mishaps and fogetfulnness that occur with children...

Katie said...

Oh man, we will be starting that all too soon. Not looking foward to this exact scenario that I am certain will occur.

Anna said...

I'm so sorry. I get frustrated and I am only 5 minutes away.

weaverfam said...

Once again you amaze me with your "keeping it real!" blog on life and being a mom!

Dixiechick said...

Love. Love. Love. :)

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