Thursday, August 30, 2012

About the Weekend

(So help me, I will get this posted today, I will, I will, I will! It has taken an entire week to write one measly post!)

So about the weekend.

First, Scott and I have some  rad sisters and sister-in- laws. On Friday night, Stacey took Kaden, Sheri took the twins and Melanie and Jed took our two baby girls. And each with such a sweet, willing heart...they all made it sound like it was their lucky day to have these extras for the night. (Plus Anna, who kept Branson for most of Saturday!)

This was the first night since June of 2009 (SINCE JUNE OF 2009!)  that Scott and I have spent alone. I could actually hear Scott's voice when he talked! I could actually hold his hand when we walked and I could actually remember when life was a little simpler and sleep was more readily available. Ah sleep, good stuff!

Less than 24 hours later it was time to get the kiddos.

Grandma is out of town so we wanted to take advantage of an empty house and camp-out there for a few days, so we drove around picking up all the kids and settled in at grandmas. (I wish it was that easy...there was a key fiasco, a fight, a fit, fifteen trips to the car, and a baby that hadn't eaten since before her nap).

But settled in at last.

I felt so happy (elated is better) to have my family to myself. I didn't worry that the kids were bugging someone, or making too much noise, or getting into the kitchen as soon as it was cleaned. We just relaxed and enjoyed the rare time together. I made a quick trip to the store for groceries and Sunday morning we had a big Kings Breakfast.

(I love bed much!)

The girls ate Popsicles on the porch.

and told secrets on a blow up bed.

One of the sweetest moments was the breakfast prayer when Cali decided to learn one of my very favorite baby skills. Folding is to die for.

I don't even have pictures of the boys because they were too busy off playing. It was a good weekend. I loved so many things about it, but I went to bed Sunday night with an ache in my heart and tears dripping into my pillow.

Sometimes, I don't like to write down things about the down side of life but without some brutal honesty, I don't think my kids will learn much of anything from all these hundreds of posts. I do want them to know that life is not easy and that things aren't always rosy and sweet, actually alot of the time life is hard.

Amid tons of happiness on Sunday, there was also contention. Like this only times all 5 kids...

It wasn't all day, only a little here and there but if there is anything I disdain, it is contention. There was complaints and fights and fits and one awful feeling by the time I tucked everyone in. I can see the joy through the struggle and work and effort it takes to raise a family, with out even trying, I am good at it, but seeing joy through contention is almost impossible for me.

The kids were all around us on the floor and in the darkness Branson said, "Mom, I have a super scared feeling."

I told him that I didn't have a good feeling either. We talked a little about how that happens when we are less than kind to each other.

Some of the same garbage has carried over through the week and then yesterday was a half day of school, so I made plans. After I got the kids, we picked up Scott and the kids all voted unanimously, in favor of...wait for it....The Golden Coral. (That place is famous here on my blog! Kids love it I'm telling you!)

And for an was perfect.

We needed that.

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