Thursday, August 16, 2012

Birthday Letter: Ella at 5

Dear Ella,

You are a whole hand old today my Love. Every year on your birthday, I like to reminisce about the perfect baby you were. And you were! So beautiful and so good. Good sleeper, good eater and good company after a five year baby halt. I needed you so much and I was so glad to have you there with me each day when Brylee and Branson would board the afternoon kindergarten bus and head off. We were buddies. We still are.

Ella girl you are so pretty and you love beauty in all it's forms. You have a gorgeous smile that makes me smile too. You have a spicy, strong willed side but also a gentle sweetness. You love to fall asleep sandwiched between me and Dad and if I lay on my side facing the wall, you will wrap your arms and legs around me, giving me a good, baby monkey hug from behind. I really love that.

I like how you use the word, "nenny" for none or not any. It is so deliciously adorable that I can never correct you, instead the rest of us just go right ahead and use it too. When I say, "Ella, what movie do you want to watch you usually say,

"Nenny!" Because you are happier placing a bunch of dolly's in a line or making a pile of click-clack shoes, or taking all the hair bows down and pinning them around the room. But if you do watch a movie it is, "the first Alice in Wonderland." Meaning the 1985 live version, you love it.

You have two brothers and two sisters that think you are hilarious. They love to play with you and they love to tease you because you give quick and strong reactions...loud to! We never have to guess how you are feeling because you let us know. You are confident and happy with your self and I love to see how you shine when something catches your interest.

You are wrapped tightly around your Daddy's big heart. What a joy you are to him and how lucky you are to have each other. You know just how to melt his heart and he knows just how to get you laughing, and talking and playing.

Latley, I have noticed that in a stark contrast to your love of pretty, sparkly, fancy and fluffy you have an obvious interest in blood and other yucky stuff! I like to call it your "dark side", because it is so funny. Earlier this year when I sliced my finger open you were fascinated, you watched every stitch be placed and you hardly blinked at the sight of all that blood. You love to check for poopy diapers and you always want a front row seat for changings. You like to watch closely when Cali gets her shots and I think you may grow up to be a nurse. We'll see?!

You are Sunshine my sweet Ella Mae. There is "nenny" one quite like you in all the world and I am so happy that you are mine. How I love you!
Happy Birthday!


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