Friday, August 17, 2012

More Firsts

We have had some "firsts".

Sunday was Cali's first day attending nursery at church. She is officially 18 months old and eligible to toddle past those elusive doors and enter into play time heaven. I was hesitant and afraid though, because she is Little.

One percentile.
Tiny and petite.

Not only that, but I have never left Cali any where with anyone, except for close family and friends and even that has been sparse.

She loved it. She did great and even after she was brought out to me for a diaper change, she wanted to go back for more. But when I picked her up she was a bundle of tears in the teachers arms.

I came in and said, "Oh no, did she get sad?" Thinking that she had missed me. But she had just been knocked over during the bubble blowing. Nothing can ensue a riot like bubbles in nursery and little Cali went down.

What a cutie.

And Monday morning was Ella's first day of school. We call it "pre-school" even though it is technically a half-day Kindergarten class. I love holding my kids back a year! Keeping them little for as long as possible is a good thing in my book. The system of one year of half day-one year of all day, worked great for the twins, so I am planning on doing the same for Ella. She will have to make a school change when we move in November, so next year will be a better time to really start kindergarten. Besides, I am no where near ready for her to be a TRUE school kid. I am stalling for sure.

Ella was excited. She had her little pink princess bag packed and ready, she had two tight braids in her brown hair and she had brand new purple Converse on her feet. She was ready. I walked her to the door, my heart in my throat and her sweaty hand closed safely inside of mine. She spotted a friend with a pink hair flower and gold bracelets on her wrist and with that,  her hand slipped out of mine and she was off.

I don't know if these kinds of things will ever stop breaking my heart. But man, was she ever adorable.
When I was on the couch, nursing the twins, with a 2 year old running around, I read and reread Sister Hinkley's book, "Glimpses".

"Marjorie savored the days she had her five to herself, and she went to great lengths to keep summer unstructured so her young ones would have time to lie in the gully and listen to the birds sing if they wanted to. She wept every fall when it was time to send her brood back to school."

I love her so much. She is my hero and it very well may be that very quote of hers,  that has helped me to savor each and every day that I have "my five to myself". Because Kindergarten just comes way too soon.

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