Monday, August 20, 2012

Thumb Open

The other day Ella was sitting at the counter eating a generous bowl of cereal when I noticed her looking  down at her right hand. She was pulling her two middle fingers in under her thumb, leaving her index finger and her pinkie straight. She said, out loud to no one in particular, "If you are saying I love you, you open your thumb, if you are shooting out webs, you close your thumb."

So it came as no real surprise that for her birthday party at the pool with cousins, she chose spiderman cupcakes over, Hello Kitty.

Dark Side, I am telling you, dark side.

Still, most of her birthday prizes did come in her favorite....sparkly, shinny and fluffy. She is so cool that little Ella Mae, and I loved celebrating over her 5 year-old-ness!
helping to make the cake

shopping with Lanny

Grandma Mag-birthday card!

Plus this weekend we got to see Brylee preform in her singing group show. My amazing cousin Mindy, (shown here as Brylee gazes up in admiration).....

has a wonderful talent for teaching kids music and dance. Brylee had the chance to be in her group this summer. Saturday night was the spectacular show, starring 60 kids, that Mindy basically put on single handedly.  I was so impressed. I just cant get over the gift Mindy has for music and she does it all while raising 7 great kids and being my cub scout partner!

And Brylee wasn't bad herself!

(Now, I am keeping my thumb open for a huge, I love you to these two awesome girls!)

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