Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Climbing Expedition

When the twins were 4 we started spending time at the Gilbert Rec center, it has been a family favorite for years now. You cant climb the rock wall until you are 5 so getting to the rock wall was on Ella's birthday list.

She was all talk last Saturday. Telling us how high she was going to climb and how big she is. Even when we walked through the doors and started getting harnesses on, she was still all talk.

And then she suddenly got very quiet.

Only by some major coaxing did she even set foot on the wall.

She climbed about 1 foot off the ground and that was it.

We gave her high 5's, we cheered, we let her by a treat from the vending machine but that little chicken never ventured back over to the wall.

What did she do the whole time you ask? Kicked, screamed and cried on the floor.

"I want to go home!!"

A sincere apology goes out to all the other rec center patrons....that  place echoes and Scott and I pretty much ignored our our sweet little dear.

We had other climbers to watch...

Besides that I have a talent for ignoring fits, its a gift really.