Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elvis and Other News

Back when baggy flesh colored overalls were totally cool and Scott and I had time alone

A few items of news if I may.

When my little sister was desperate to get and stay pregnant,  she told me that pregnant women were absolutely everywhere. She just could not, NOT notice them. It seemed that everyone in the entire green world was expecting, except her. Do you know what I can not, NOT notice?


I see them everywhere and I wonder "how do they do that?" And then I think "that's amazing!" And then I think "I am so jealous." Scott and I have exactly zero alone time together. It is so sad and pitiful. For the life of me, I cant figure out how to create this time. On the occasions that I have managed to do it, like on our anniversary, it has felt like I just orchestrated the entire Olympic Games on my own. I practically need a map and a diagram to keep straight where each child is. On top of that, I need a fork lift to pack up everything that goes with the kids. Most of the time, the work it will take to find baby-sitters convinces me to give up before I begin.

I miss him.

I am sure that no one works harder for their family than Scott does. He is a real life hero I tell you! These last months have been especially taxing on his time. He has the weight of the world (our world) on his shoulders and I hope he knows how thankful I am .

I think he does.

This is what happens 2 point 2 seconds after his weary head hits the pillow...

Couldn't you just cry at the dedication? He has a gift for sleeping instantly and soundly.

And in other sleeping news, you should know that last night Ella had "growley dreams." She reported this to me while peering over her morning french toast with one nostril pulled clean up to her brow. Elvis style.

And in other Ella news, yesterday Ella whopped Brookie right in the head. It was justified though because Brookie had the gall to disagree with Miss Mae on the firm and proven fact that dogs DO wear shoes.

And in other--other news the mosquito's should know that in payment for eating my poor baby's flesh the way they did last night (while she cutely frolicked in the water) they have earned themselves a visit to the gas chamber.

And with that, I wish you a happy Thursday with hopes that you will have at least one good reason to pull your nostril clean up to your brow.

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