Monday, September 3, 2012


We had our first diorama assignment of the year. And as always...I cringed. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the creative process as much as anyone but these school dioramas...yuck, yuck, yuck! Maybe it is because I have very particular children who will settle for nothing less than "realistic" and "to scale" and all of that jazz.

When I go to bed at night, sometimes I have nightmares about dioramas.

Kaden's history class is studying the civil war and so he was to create a diorama of the battle of Fredricksberg. Of course we waited until the last night because I like confining the homework duress to one night, instead of drawing it out over the course of a whole blasted week.

What I learned is that if you tell a boy to create a mini of a war seen...he will add blood.

And severed limbs.

And decapitated heads. And explosions.

He will enjoy every minute of it

and the on lookers will be in shock.

And I learned that my boy can make a seriously good Battle of Fredricksberg diorama.

Dear Teacher,
The grade for this here diorama is an A. Just in case you were wondering.