Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Me and Facebook-An Explanation

Back in, I think 2008? Maybe? I registered on Facebook. I didn't go back on it a single solitary time. Occasionally I would get "friend requests" in my email, I just ignored them. I didn't deny them or confirm them. I didnt really know what exactly to do with them. (For crying out loud, I didnt even start texting till this year!)

And then, I was at my Moms house one day earlier this year when one of my brothers was scrolling through his Facebook page. I was stunned! So many conversations going back and forth between my siblings that I was totally in the dark on. Interesting for sure.

Still, I never logged in myself. Fast forward to just recently when I was feeling concerned about my time and how I use it. I want that time to count for something! I do put a few hours a week into my blog. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I love writing, I love recording our life, I love sharing my testimony and blogging is something that I view as a valuable use of my time. However I am pretty strict with myself on my overall computer time and since most that time goes to my blog, I have never used facebook. But like I said, I want the time I spend blogging to be valuable.

And so, just last week I decided to post on Facebook when I post on my blog. I mean, is it a crime to want people to actually read what you spend time writing? To me the most important part of my blog is sharing my testimony and my love for my Savior and Heavenly Father and maybe I can do that better by using Facebook.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know if I am posting it correctly! (can someone please tell me if I am??) I still never read the main page where everyone comments to eachother, I just do a quick post and log out. I just really don't want to get "sucked in" and give the computer one more second of my precious time than I already do. I am not saying that people who use Facebook more are wrong, it's just that for me, I already use that time for blogging. Are we good? Good.

So thank-you Cindy and my great Aunt Alice and the others that have "liked" and commented (on FB and in real life!) means so much to me to know that what I write has meant something to someone...anyone! It really does. More than you all will ever know. When I hear that something I wrote helped someone, or cheered someone, or encouraged someone or just made someone think that they are not the only one wiping up poop smears from the back porch, it gives me such a fulfilled and happy feeling and better yet, it motivates me to keep writing my little heart out. But, I guess I will never REALLY use Facebook.

Does that make me a Facebook snob?


Long Live Blogs!


Kirsi Griner said...

It is working!! I love that you are posting it on Facebook!!!

Anna said...
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Dixiechick said...

I saw your post on Facebook today and I was so confused! :) I didn't think you were on there. You and I think so much alike, but I think the fact that you have more kids than me has kept your iron-will of staying off Facebook in tact. I am on a lot more now. I hear you on not wanting to get sucked in and it is definitely a place that needs to have time-management involved, but I must say there is definitely a place for Facebook and you might not want to make claims about never getting on it…those kinds of things usually come back to bite me. Once you learn what to pay attention to on Facebook and what to ignore it is a great tool. But I'm glad you'll at least get on and post when you blog because I forget to check my reader a lot so hopefully I can see reminders there. And just to make this comment even longer than it already is…we totally need to go out with you and Scott again! We had such a great time. Shane really liked Scott too, which is always nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I love popping in to read your thoughts every now and again. You have a beautiful family and such thought-provoking ideas. May I offer a bit of advice? Double-checking spelling and grammar will add to the professionalism of your writing and make it easier for others to read. It's something we all struggle with. It will add a new level to your already well-developed writing style. Keep it up! Your children will be so thankful for your documentation of their lives someday!

Julz said...

You are so right! Sometimes I read back and see ALL my mistakes. I guess I can blame it on the baby that is climbing all over me when I type. Thanks for the advice!

Karli said...

Yeah, I realize I always get more hits on my blog when I post to Facebook, too. It can be a great tool, and that way people who don't typically read blogs see it too. Being a Facebook snob is probably a good thing. :)

mama bear said...

Facebook can be a good tool in staying in touch with others who are many miles away and not good at writing or using the phone...but it's also a great time-waster. Stick to your ideals and what works for you---and please keep blogging!

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