Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Crush

When I scroll through recent pictures on my camera, there are A LOT of my two babies and very few of my three big kids. Such a shame because they are great kids doing great things (mostly) but from the time they get home after school, until the time we go to bed at night, life is just a flurry of practices and lessons, homework, dinner, showers and bed time.

When I think of the after school hours, my head plays the theme song from, "The Night Rider".

Hurry, busy, go, go, go.

But I have needed to write about my Kaden Boy for weeks now. All the angst and anxiety of 6th grade has been traded in for confidence and success in 7th. He is a new man. The best part?...Everyday on the way home from school, Kaden tells me about the crushes. Oh, how I love the crush stories! Do you know that "crushes" are rampant in 7th grade? This was a story Branson told me all disgustedly and with all the eagerness of a really proficient tattle tale...

"Mom, guess what Kaden did at school?! I saw him walking toward some girls and HE-WAS-SMILING! Totally smiling! Are you going to get him in trouble?"

Very dead serious, mind you.

He was not in trouble but I think I am. Those girls are after my boy, luckily, he doesn't seem to reciprocate the crushes....yet.

Last year I really had to remind and coax and work to get Kaden to do the basic- shower, teeth deodorant drill. He could not have cared less how he smelled or looked. This year the holy power of a few 7th grade crushes descended upon him and now he leaves the house smelling of "cool rush" deodorant and toothpaste.

Kaden is maturing and even though it still takes him 30 minutes to do a 30 second task, he is becoming more and more a friend to me. We talk about all sorts of things and we have lots of inside jokes. He is so fun to hang out with and it has taught me that for all my mourning for his baby years, these years have something special too.

The other day at mutual a bunch of the boys were using some harsh language. I call it "Mormon cussing", not really swear words but their very close substitutes. Kaden's friend Ben asked them to stop and then Ben quickly became a target for teasing. I was told later by Ben's dad that Kaden yelled out over the others,

"Hey guys, Ben is right."

What a man that boy of mine. I had a crush on him way before 7th grade and lucky for me,  his heart still belongs to his Mother...if only for a little while longer.


Melanie said...

your boys are so fun - so glad i got to hang out with them this weekend at mom's. kaden sure is becoming a young man! love your family!

Leslie said...

Boy this picture shocked me! Remember when he and Shaun would play in the front yard in their little swim diapers for hours!? HAHA I can't believe how fast they've grown up. Shaun is in 8th grade this year and already fully enjoying the girls' crushes on him and developing a few of his own. You're right though... it is a time full of its own wonderful moments, even if it seems time has skipped ahead unfairly! :) So good to see pics of your kiddos again! - Leslie (your old Gilbert neighbor ;)

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