Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain Gift

Rain is such a novelty here in the desert. After weeks of torturous heat we finally had a nice break this morning. Sweet-cold-rain. Mmmm, so good.

It was relief from the constant crying of my poor sick baby. We sat on the porch swing and breathed in the wet air like it was the last bit of oxygen on earth. Cali wiggled free from her perch on my lap and actually seemed happy for a few minutes. Rain as medicine, I guess.

Even on days like today, when fevers and rocking chairs are the only thing we have going, I still love my job.

Maybe especially on days like today.


Anna said...

I'm glad they had a good time. Dallin loved it but Quinten sat inside mad, well screaming, because he can't get that dumb hurt toe wet.

Katie said...

Such CUTE pictures! Glad she's feeling better.

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