Monday, September 17, 2012

They Really Are

Yesterday one of my children made the unfortunate decision to stay home from church. Some cousins had spent the night and they weren't going to church and so I guess the temptation to stay home and play, was just a little too much. This particular child was free to make that choice but was going to be entirely at the mercy of the given consequence. (and so help me that consequence is going to be good! A simple grounding is just too easy for this offence)

On the drive to church, I had the fleeting thought that our bench at church would be less noisy than usual. But when we got there and found a place to sit, a palpable saddest settled into all the soft places in my heart. I got this weird desire to stand on my chair and explain to everyone around us that, "we have one more!"  We were incomplete and it left me with an eerie sort of feeling.  I let myself wallow in the terrible thought of a less than whole family, long enough that tears puddled up in my eyes and determination started to pound like a hammer in my chest.

Families Are Forever.

It's an eternal principal, encompassed in 3 simple words, that I have known is true for as long as I can remember. There is no effort, no sacrifice and no work to obtain that 3 word blessing, that will not be worth it. I am certain of it. That awful feeling of "someone is missing" can be chased away by solid determine efforts to raise a good family. Hard and daunting as it may be.

“Our family is the focus of our greatest work and joy in this life; so will it be throughout all eternity.”
~Russell M. Nelson

I don't know about you, but to me that "greatest work" he is talking about is the best kind of work. Heaven wouldn't be heaven with out my family, so bring on the work!

That way, I can forever enjoy the way Cali loves to color herself and how she does it with complete focus and concentration.

I can enjoy laundry because having A LOT of laundry means I have a family, with children that run and play and get dirty.
This is just Saturday and Sunday...incase you were wondering

I can be bone tired from the work of bringing up 5 terribly cute kids, that make terribly frustrating choices sometimes and feel that it is all entirely worth it.

Families Are Forever.

They really are.

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Katie said...

Well said. There really is such a different feel if you are not all there. Not a fan either.
BTW--house update? Where is your house at??

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