Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty Little Ella

I took Ella over to Josh and Emily's little farm and took her picture. She turned 5 a whole 2 months ago and it was overdue. She was so delicious, I could have eaten her whole. I loved her so much with each click of the lens. I love her eyes that are blue on the edges and green in the middle. I love that she was wearing her huge black spider ring, letting that hilarious interest in grody things show through. She is a beauty inside and out. I'm so glad hat she is mine.

Sometimes, I just cant believe that the world thinks "beauty " looks like celebrities. Even super young girls chase after some crazy fake image they see on TV, as the standard for pretty and attractive. I want my girls to know that pretty is NOT on TV. Pretty is kindness and goodness and gratitude, if you want to be pretty, start there and the rest will come easy.

I watched this yesterday and felt so blessed to have daughters! Everything I want them to know and believe about themselves is in there! Hope you enjoy it.

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Katie said...

Beautiful! I love her dress!!

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