Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vacation Over

Here at the beach, the ocean and the sunshine combine their centripetal powers and pull every living ounce of energy out of my children. Tonight the kids left the waves of the ocean and went straight into the heat of the jacuzzi.

After baths and clean pajamas and soup for dinner, I watched all of them succumb to sleep in just minutes. Long legs draped over the edge of the couch, smashed cheeks propped up by little hands and sunburned shoulders shrugged up to their ears under the quilts. I sat by them before rearranging their heavy bodies and wondered what I wanted them to remember about this week by the sea.

I just want them to take these sandy, sunny, breezy days and seal them up in a jar for safe keeping. They will need them someday, I am sure of it. There is nothing like leaving the cares of daily life behind and setting out for a few days of magic.

We are home now. I never finished my post and just like that--POW--vacation over. And the magic has dissolved into a heap of dirty laundry. Vacation is full of some of the same things that regular life is filled with. A few fights. A few fits like the one where Ella laid herself on the floor right in front of the check out line at Blimpies. A few mishaps and small injuries and lost towels but all that regular life stuff is a lot less aggravating when your feet are buried in warm sand and the salty ocean breeze is gently wafting your hair from off the top of your coconut shoulders. Ahhh, magic I tell you.

And you should know that I learned that my little Cali was appropriately named. Tiny as she may be that giant sprawling ocean, set there at the edge of the world did not scare her a bit. She ran, time and time again, head on into the waves. Mama had to be on her game!

There was no book reading or long beachy naps for me-- but there was life saving. Not to mention...snack providing, meal making, sand filled diaper changing, towel finding, hair braiding, sunblocking, and castle building. And even though I found myself entirely exhausted by the end of the week, I could not be more thankful for the chance to do it.

I don't know what it is, but more than ever before I can just feel the love of Heaven working right along with me, teaching me to cherish these busy, service filled days--whether they are vacation days or laundry days. (Most are laundry days to be sure).

There will plenty of time for book reading.

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