Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Fix

So many things I could complain about. Grrrrrrr.



More than 20 years ago I experienced what I think of as my first, "baby love". My 6th brother was born and I was at the prime age for "helping" and loving and learning all about the magic of newborn. I have whimsical memories of my Mom's brown little Indian baby and I fell in love too. I got to bathe that baby everyday before I left for school, I fed him and carried him and as he grew up and I grew up, he would spend the night and come on trips and help me with my own toe headed boy.

Then one day that 6th brother who had grown into a teenager, had an accident. His life was all of a sudden in question. Till that point in my life I had never been so devistated. But we got a miracle.

These past months and really the past two years have been the most trying in my life. So many trials and challenges and difficulties. So many frustrations and heartaches. Some so private that they have never left the inside part of my heart. These rocky years have also been some of the most blessed as well, but I am always looking for tender mercies to take the edge off. I am always trying to see the sunshine after the rain.

Nothing does that for me quite like a newborn.  A new baby lifts my spirits and gives me hope. A few days ago that little Indian baby that I first loved-- became a daddy.

He smells like Heaven. He is divine. I am smitten.

And to add to my joy, I got this text from these two a few weeks ago,

"The ultrasound went great, we got to see the heartbeat, thanks for your prayers."

Nothing like good news and new babies to cheer me up.

Congratulations brothers.

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