Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthday Letter-Kaden 13

Dear Kaden,

And just like that, it's here. You are a real life teenager. Handsome. Smart. Fun. Good.

Time is such a funny thing. It steals chubby little cheeks and dimpled hands and gives you back a square jaw and broad, strong shoulders. Oh, I can hardly stand it! But I also love it! You are growing up and you are doing it so beautifully.

What I like about you most at 13 is your testimony. You love your Heavenly Father and I get to see little things in you everyday that prove it. One thing this year, is that you took what I would call "practice fasting" up to full on all-day fasting. I have been amazed at your spiritual strength during  fast Sunday. The ability to teach your soul to be stronger than your body is not easy and you are learning and practicing it at such a young age! I am amazed.

School has been great for you this year. Your teachers love you and they have told me several times how much they enjoy having you. You are an example to others around you and you have taken many opportunities this year to stand up for what is right.  Keep it up! Life will never stop putting you in situations that are hard. When things go wrong, when life is hard, when you don't get what you want, when you are alone and frustrated--that is when you have the best chance to show your Heavenly Father what you are made of. Anyone can do what is right when it's easy--it's when the heat is on that true character shows through. Kaden, your true character is golden, I know it because I have seen it.

Just like the rest of us, there are things that you struggle with. Keep working, keeping praying, keeping putting on the full armor of God to protect you and you will always find yourself on the Lords side. I can remember when you were little and if you couldn't make your letters perfect you didn't even want to try. That part of your personality is still with you! Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect all at once and it is no secret to Him that we are not. So when you are struggling go to the Lord and to Dad and I, we love you and will help you with anything at anytime.

I know I say this to you often but the scriptures are essential! A few weeks ago we read together about how Ammon served the King before he taught him the gospel and you immediately related that to your Uncle Sam who is serving his mission in New York. Right after Hurricane Sandy, Sam and the other elders in the area, stopped proselyting to serve and help all the people who were affected by the storm. And that Kaden Boy is how the scriptures work! When you read them your mind will be inspired and you will learn important lessons. As long as you use them you will never stop learning and growing in the gospel.

I love so many things about you Kaden! I love how I get daily kisses on the cheek and daily shoulder rubs from you. I love that you cant get enough of Cali. I love that you can get completely absorbed in the things that interest you. You are a thinker and it is awesome to see your mind at work. You love food! You love to try new recipes and eat out at restaurants and talk about favorite desserts--that is so cool! You still love to stay up late and you love a good party. Mostly, I love your kind heart.

Being your Mom is such a gift and I love you more than life its self--even with out those chubby little cheeks.

Happy Birthday my Kadenboy!


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