Monday, November 5, 2012


I think November is the best month. At least it could be. November is the amazing weather, gratitude infused month that I became a Mama. I love my Kaden Boy but I am still not totally comfortable with him becoming a real life teenager in a few weeks. I think he'll be great at it--but still.

If I were telling the truth about life right now, I would say that Scott and I are just HANGING ON! Waiting on the house and waiting on this darn election that has taken over Scott's soul. Election season is his "busy" season and by busy I mean working 24/7.  I wish I was exaggerating. The schedule, the driving, the sharing a living space is all taking it's toll on our kiddos and we are ALL ready to be done.  I am craving getting back in to our own place, regrouping and starting fresh. Cant come soon enough!

I did manage to celebrate Halloween with out too much chaos taking over. We combined our pumpkin carving into a regular Sunday dinner at Grandmas. This was genius! One less place to go and one less item on the calender but still a blast.

The big kids can carve their little hearts out all by them selves but Ella...

Opinions, opinions, opinions! She was bossy, bossy bossy. But my ever patient Scott hung in there...

obeyed her every command and produced this in the end...

My hero.

The kids were wonderful and picked simple, easy costumes. By a true Halloween miracle I spent a total of six bucks AND managed to get every ones picture!

Kaden and his "companion".
All of us minus Mr. Election Season.
I learned a few years ago that the trick to enjoying Halloween for me is remembering to see it through their eyes. Kids love Halloween! They don't know about all the work it takes and all the trips to the store, visits to the school, meltdowns from babies that have snuck about 10 too many suckers and eaten them clean through the wrapper. They just want me to be excited about their costume. Really that's it!
I can do that.
Happy Halloween!
P.S. Funny story: Kaden and Chase got a compliment while out trick-or-treating it went like this:
"Oh man boys that's a BAD A#@ costume! Here have some more candy!"
Kaden was so cute when he told me the story he said, "Mom, I guess he doesn't know that Mormons don't believe in cussing."
PSS: Can someone, for the love of blogging, please tell me how to get correct spacing after pictures??  I have been blogging for 5 years and still cant figure it out. When I type up a post it is spaced just fine but when I publish it there is always a HUGE gap after photos. So frustrating!

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