Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Bundle of Things & Gift Ideas

A few things I don't want to forget.

I was putting together a step stool for Ella to use in her new bathroom the other day. She was very excited. She held the tools and handed me the screws and when I pulled out the little pamphlet to look over the instructions she said,  "Mom those are the destructions." So funny. So cute. She had her dance recitle too, I sure love that little pixy!

Cali J is talking like crazy! I love this stage where she will repeat her word over and over and over a million times until I acknowledge her. It's the best when she puts her soft little hand on my cheek and turns my face to look at hers while she says something. She also wore the little blue dress that Grandma Mag made her to Thanksgiving dinner. It is so darling!

We celebrated Kaden's birthday and I don't think I ever posted about it. He went shooting with my brothers, dirt bike riding with Scott and more of my brothers and he and Scott and I went out to dinner. He is a good boy, I sure like him a lot.

Kaden is also, finally wrapping up some HUGE school projects and I am SO thankful to be heading straight into Christmas Break. Dear school projects, I hope that someday I can learn to love you but for now you are the very bain of my existence. I will say however, that we did learn some fascinating things about Nikola Tesla.

Branson had his inter squad meet a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I love watching him.

Brylee is taking a break from swimming for the holidays. BEST DECISION EVER. We all needed a break from swim team 5 days a week plus meets. Aycarramba!

All 4 of our school kids sang in the school Christmas concert last night. I love that we go to a school where Christmas hymns are learned and preformed without even a second thought. I also love it that I am an expert at still enjoying myself even though Cali never held still for even 1 second, she ran away twice into the crowded gym and she spilled a WHOLE cup of hot chocolate into my lap. I watched the entire concert with a soggy, chocolatey lap and about froze solid walking to the car afterward. Good times!

Scott was called to be a Priest Quorum advisor to the 25 and growing Priest in our ward. He will love it! I cant say I'm not a little jealous, working with the youth is so cool.

Laughed my head off the other day when I found a "gift for your spouse" idea. It was a magnet that said, "Everyday I fall in love with you more and more. Well not everyday, yesterday you were pretty annoying." Don't know why but I laughed the whole day about that one.

Our house is still in chaos but we'll get there. I will sure be glad when the giant window across from our shower is covered in more than taped up brown paper. It has fallen down a few times so the whole time I am in the shower I have one eye on it. If that baby fell down at the wrong time, we'd be making bear naked eye contact with the construction workers on the roof next door.

Here are a few of my gift ideas.

 1. Nothing with batteries if you can avoid it. Go for blocks, magnets, legos, circuits, sewing kits, craft supplies and wood and nails instead. (Did I say wood and nails? Yes! Branson gets a box of wood, a box of nails and a hammer every year. Keeps them busy and lets them come up with their own projects.) A hot glue gun and a box of Popsicle sticks is awesome too.

2. Pogo sticks, scooters, bikes, ramps, fishing poles, roller blades, trampolines, tether ball poles and anything else for outside gets a BIG yes!

3. Electronics. NO. Unless its a reader or a music player. We got Brylee a karaoke machine last year and it is awesome!

4. My all time favorite is audiobooks. I LOVE my collection of audiobooks. These can work magic on a long car ride. You get total silence and I swear you can almost hear their imaginations running wild. Plus sharing an audiobook together will ensue some fantastic discussions.

I cant wait to share a few more ideas but they will have to be for next year or else I will give away too many surprises!

Happy giving and may peace be with you if your kid has a giant project due this week.


Trisha said...

I think your in my brothers ward now! And I have a nephew that's a Priest. Working with the youth really is the best! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your new house!!! That's so exciting! Message me your new address so I can send you a card.

Anna said...

I want to pack the stockings this year with classic lasting toys like wooden tops, rubber band guns, harmonicas and a yo-yo. I found this great website with great toys.

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