Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Past

We are digging out.

May you or your very worst enemy never move during the Christmas season.

Scott and I have seen more of the underside of 24 hours than I ever care to again. (And I had twins for heavens sake!) The hours between 10 pm and 4 am are for sleeping-- not helping Santa, assembling beds, dressers and kitchen tables. (Glory be I have a kitchen table!).

But yesterday the sweetness of our first Christmas in the house we have been dreaming of for years, was truly and very certainly sweet.

After all the Christmas Eve festivities and traditional matching T-shirts it somehow became 1 am. Scott I were sitting across from each other on the floor, we were passing the tape and scissors and wrapping paper back and forth. The I-pad was propped up and at last we were watching the 1st Presidency Christmas devotional that is nearly a month old.

I dripped tears on the gifts in my lap. Finally, finally--amid the chaos of our life lately, I felt peace. A few short hours later I cried again when we gathered all 5 to the bed for testimonies and scriptures. Then we headed down to undo what we had just done. Seriously.

I love Christmas. Even during a move. (Blek!)

12 days of Christmas


PVC pipe--his main request



Melanie said...

My favorite was when we went to your moms on Christmas day and Abby Issa Nathan, and dallin were so excited to be able to "FaceTime" with their Haywood cousins. For the entire time we were there they were chatting! How fun it is to have best friend cousins.:)

Katie said...

Oh anxious as I am to move I am really dreading it too!

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