Friday, December 28, 2012

My Santa

A week before Christmas Scott sent me a text.

"What do you want for Christmas?"

I thought it was a down right ridiculous question. I mean, didn't I just get a house?

So I responded,

"I already have everything that I want."

And with that we had ourselves an understanding that we gave each other a house and that would cover us both for Christmas.

But on Christmas Day after the frenzy had cleared and the kids had retreated to different corners and the baby had gone off for a nap, I was handed a gift.

"This is for you."

I shot Scott the, "hey, we had an understanding!" face and then I remembered that President Monson had advised us to be gracious receivers. I was very surprised to open this very lap top that I am writing on this very second.

No one can appreciate a good lap top like I can. I have been suffering--SUFFERING I tell you with a lap top that deserves to go straight to computer he@*! My old lap top thought it was funny to bounce the cursor around the entire page. If I was typing an email, writing a blog post, composing a letter--didn't matter the cursor would randomly bounce from where I needed it, to where I didn't need it. I swear I could hear my lap top making fun of my useless attempts to chase down that evil cursor. Such a heartless bully that old lap top and that mean little cursor was not it's only fault, I could go on.

But I didn't say a word to Scott. I don't think he even knew about the cursor. Although he did know that the old laptop was a piece of junk. What would I have said? Um...I know that we just bought a house and furnished it but I have a humongous cursor problem...would you mind?? But Scott knows I have ambitions and lofty dreams and that sometimes when you are a Mom to 5 kids with ages spanning 13 to 1 those ambitions and lofty dreams keep your sanity burning.

He is as good as it gets.

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