Friday, December 21, 2012

Where's the Joy?

It was unusually cold here in the desert over the weekend. Rain pored down in dripping rhythms that made me think that Earth herself was weeping over Connecticut and those families whose babies never came home from school on Friday.

So sad.

I have been tearing up ever since. When I got Ella ready for school yesterday....well it's was just too much to think about.

Ordinary days are a gift. It's unearthing to think how fast we forget how good each day of cleaning up and changing diapers and driving car pools really is. Our time with these loaned-out little ones is holy and sacred and sometime--so very brief.

Do you know what it makes me want to do? It just makes me want to love more and find a million ways everyday to be happy. If  evil is going to make a stand-- so is joy.

The day after this horrible incident, our kids were fighting with each other right in the middle of dinner and homework and showers. Scott looked over at me and asked, "where's the joy?" It was as if the sadness of it all,  combined with our own contention and piled up onto his normally steadfast soul.

But...we know where joy is.

Joy is in the manger resting quietly under Mary's watch, beneath the glow of the new star. Joy walked the dusty streets of Galilee and Joy blessed, healed, taught and loved everyone he met. Joy was perfect but joy still suffered the sin, sorrow and pain of all mankind. Joy was hated, whipped, betrayed and killed.

But Joy rose again and Joy lives today. Joy will win in the end and we can help.

Good medicine for sadness is to see all the little things that warm our hearts, all the tender mercies that Heaven literally pours down but we so often miss.  There are so many if we are willing to notice them. I have a few today.

Branson sets out his clothes. I love it because Scott sets out his clothes too, religiously. I can just envision that funny little gene from Scott finding its way into the actual make up of our awesome little man and when I see that neat pile of clothes ready for the next day--I love them both even more.

Decorating the tree. Joy mixed with fights over who gets to put up what. Seriously. Some body help us over here!

Kaden and his ever lovin homework. Kaden will literally work on one sentence for a full 15 minutes, trying to make it sound just how he wants it to. Yesterday he told his teacher that he really doesn't like writing papers because it takes him so long. (Have mercy does it ever!) Her response was, "But Kaden your papers are always the best."

Yesterday I got a text from Brylee's teacher letting me know that she had been crying all morning. I picked her up and we talked and then she spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch. It was just good to have her close. She is light, and joy and hope all in one.

Cali wears the green too too all day.

Ella my Little-got to put the star on top. Then she threw a fit during most of family night. She finally let up when she noticed me sobbing my way through the story of small pine with the big kids. She crawled up into my lap and calmed down just in time to hear how Small Pine sacrificed his dream of being the queens Christmas tree in order to show love to those in need. Then this morning I caught her organising the books, when she came to "Why Christmas trees aren't perfect" she placed that one aside and said to herself, "this is Mama's favorite."

If there is anything I know for sure it is that God loves His children. He sent Joy to prove it.

Joy to the World
The Lord is come!

Merry Christmas!

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