Monday, January 7, 2013

A Plan to Save the World

My kids were singing the back to school blues this morning. And I have SO much housework awaiting me. (Don't feel sorry for me, it's my favorite kind of work.)

The last few days of break proved to be the best and I was reminded of a good lesson that I have been letting slip. Big time. My kids LOVE to have a plan. On Saturday at breakfast I told the kids what chores we were going to do, and that when it was all done we would head to the rock wall and then to dinner. It worked wonders for them. Having a focus, a plan and a reward seemed to be key.

We had a great time at the rock wall. And a super fun time out to eat.

who knew it was free night at Freestone!? Face painting was a hit!

It was like inspiration hit Scott and I square in the heart. We need a plan! So on Sunday Scott and I spent TWO hours calendaring. We scheduled January out to the T. We have our FHE's ready. We have our date nights planned, we have our half-day-of-school days planned, we have our temple day ready, we have everything on there and I just cant say how AWESOME it is. At one point Scott looked at me and said,

"Mark my words...there will be an effort to thwart this."

It made me tear up a bit because I knew it was true. But I responded by saying, "Mark my words, I wont let it."

I am sure we will need to make adjustments but I can look at my beautiful calendar and see what things are my priority and then--see everything else. I would have never thought something as simple as planning would give me such hope.

At 4 o'clock it was time to head out to dinner at Grandma's. The keys were no where to be found. "Already!" I thought. MAN! We looked for an hour. Moods were turning rotten and empty "Fast Sunday" tummies were growling. I needed those keys! Every plan we have will not work with out them! Grrr.

After a fruitless search we loaded up in Scott's truck and left. As we pulled out I made everyone pray together for help finding the keys. After the prayer Brylee said, "Mom I think they are in Dad's closet, maybe on the top shelf or something where no one looked." In my mind I thought. "Oh Brother!" First of all I had searched Scott's closet, second--on the top shelf??? who would throw keys up on the top shelf of a closet?

We had a wonderful dinner at Grandma's and when we got home I headed straight to Scott's closet. I climbed up and checked the top shelf and saw nothing. For the next 20 minutes Scott and I continued to pull the house apart. At last I heard Scott yell from up stairs that he had them! I couldn't wait to see where they were. After church Scott had put his suit in a suit bag, zipped it up and hung it in his closet, he had already checked it once, but upon checking it a second time he found the keys deep in his suit pocket.

Brylee my sweet faithful girl had pointed us in the right direction.

I know as good as anyone that even the best laid plans can go skidding off the edge of a cliff in point 2 seconds. Keys get lost, things come up and kids decide to throw-up or blow out a diaper just as you are heading out the door.

BUT WE HAVE A PLAN! And I am so excited!

“I believe good plans are the best way to maximize fun, avoid disaster, and just possibly, save the world."
― Katherine Hannigan 

Sounds good to me! 

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I can't image Scoot saying "thwart", unless it's in some goofy cartoony voice

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