Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glad You Are Here

Oh 2012, I will not really miss you. You have been annoying and frustrating and sad and challenging. I wont miss your moving boxes, your packing and your waiting, waiting, waiting. I wont miss your broken families and your "life in the balance" phone calls. I wont miss your late nights of decision making and your days that were sometimes filled with nothing but overwhelming difficulties.

But I will miss your 1 year old's smooth kissable cheeks and your big-kid turned teenager's new found love of music. Your ten year old twins that filled you with gymnastics and swimming. And I will for sure miss your little 5 year old that spent your days playing her heart out and discovering letters.

2012, you taught me that when life is at it's hardest the love of Heaven is at it's fullest. Thank-you for that.

And as for you 2013, I suggest you don't turn your back on this one...
She is like a stealth jet. Beautiful and amazing but sneaky and powerful. She is always a covert operation under way. In seconds toilet paper rolls can empty, cups of milk can be spilled off the counter and paint can be smeared to the far reaches of the kitchen. Keep an eye on that one I tell you.

And these guys...

They are bound and determine to take every single one of your 365 days and use them to grow up! Just this morning on your first day I hugged Kaden and whispered, "this is the year that you will get taller than me."

And 2013-- you really are that year.

You will also be the year that our house hold becomes diaper free for the first time since the 90's. The 90's!

You will take us on trips, give us piles of homework, hand us challenges and grief and frustration, you will give us new friends and new neighbors. You will open a temple just down our street. I hope you will be gentle and I hope your days and weeks, that will race by in a flash, will be good ones where testimonies grow, memories store up and good is accomplished.

Most of all I hope you will write stories.

All of them. The sad ones and the happy ones and all the ordinary ones in between.

2013, I'm sure glad your here.

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Melanie said...

2013 is destined to be a good one...our baby willcome this year!!!

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