Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meet the Children

Dear New Neighborhood,

I'd like you to meet my children. You will be seeing them a lot because they hardly ever watch TV or play video games or sit still or stay inside. They will be barefoot most of the time and on weekends they will have raggedy day old braids and a milk mustache. You should know that I'm OK with that.

These children of mine have been known to make tree houses out of whatever materials they can find and they love to make "stands" and peddle anything from cotton candy to junk from the bottom of the toy box. And who am I to stop them? They can climb fences in their sleep. They play tag in the street with their friends and on any given Saturday or day off school the front drive of my house will be littered with an array of bikes, scooters, helmets, balls, Rollerblades and ramps. You should get use to it.

My children use hot glue guns, hammers, screw drivers, paint and all kinds of tools.They make water balloons and enjoy covering our house with crate paper and crazy homemade decorations. They use sidewalk chalk with reckless abandon.

If it is muddy or rainy or windy they will be the first ones out in it. And since this past weekend covered you in sheets and sheets of pouring rain--which mixed with the mounds of construction dirt and sent rivers of brown water rushing down our streets--they took advantage of it. By 8am these busy, curious, ants in their pants, cant sit still kids, were out and wet and busy building a dam and constructing bridges.

I thought it was fantastic. Maybe it bothered you like the lady at the dentist who burst through the door to tell me all horrified that my kids were climbing a tree!! In the rain!. And what kind of Mother???

So I learned that tree climbing has become outdated and only something reckless mothers allow. Geez.

They may have more scrapes, more bruises and more splinters than the other kids that prefer TV and video games and some of your residence may wonder why their mother didn't tell them to wear shoes. You will catch them from time to time creating different kinds of rolling contraptions, rigged together with rope. But, New Neighborhood, before you judge too much you should know that I am never far away. I always know where each of my kids are. When my children are out on these neighborhood adventures I am not taking a nap, a pedicure, a lunch date. I am not on Facebook or Pintrest or instagraham or twiter or any of it. I am probably in the kitchen or on the front porch, or out in the street yelling "car!" I might be folding a load of wash or putting a baby down for a nap but I am accessible and available.

My kids will wear out your side walks and trails and monkey bars and swings. They will play in your gutters and dig in your dirt and climb your trees. But somehow, I feel like all your newness and freshness and never really been played in beforeness cant wait for all the fun.

So now you are acquainted.


Karli said...

Love this. :) Makes me miss being a kid. I hope I remember to let my kids be crazy and have fun like your kids (as long as my dad isn't around... (; )

Live 'n' Love Out Loud!! said...

Looks like fun! Hope they don't get sick!

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