Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday Night

Last week the kids and I decided on a new plan for Family Home Evenings this year. Each month we will do a spiritual FHE, a fitness FHE, a fun FHE and a service FHE. I thought their ideas were fantastic and it gave Scott and I a direction for planning out our Monday nights.

Last night was our big kick off. We gave each of the kids a cork board and Scott talked to them about how goals should be something visual. He had stacks of pictures for them to go through and cut out to add to their board. Each of them put a picture of Christ in the center and then all other things come after that. All of them put a picture of our family, Brylee put Missy Franklin with her gold metal, Branson added one of Alex Nadour, Kaden put up a missionary and a guitar. They all wanted one of the temple and of the scriptures. Scott also bought each of them a side table lamp that we renamed the "scripture lamps" so that every night when they see them it will remind them to read their scriptures.  I am also going to get them each a picture of an all A's report card (a little brain washing never hurt, right?)

Scott gave each of them a picture of the good Samaritan and talked to them about serving a loving each other. We watched a video of the parable and then the kids pinned up their picture. I think it will be a great reminder for them to treat each other with love. Will it work 100%?.....not a chance.

We went over our new fabulous calendar and we had chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. It wasn't a perfect evening, (remember the strong willed, face paced souls we have here!) But it was good and I think they will remember it.

I know I will.

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Melissa Howell said...

This is an awesome idea! You guys are great parents. I have learned so much from reading your blog. A post you shared awhile back about homemaking really changed my perspective on that, and I'm hoping you post about all your FHE ideas so I can hear more. Thanks!

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