Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little About my Girls

Can I still blog even if I don't really have pictures? I have been so, so lazy with my camera lately and then I always regret it. Monday the kids were off school and we spent the afternoon out at the park with the cousins. Cali and I rode the wiggle car up and down the hills, Ella and Lauren skootered all over the place, Branson caught a fish, Brylee played a game of kickball like she was going for the Olympic gold of kickball with your cousins and Kaden flew down the steep grassy hills on his bike without even a flinch. So please just pretend that I captured all of that goodness on camera and while you are at it add in the most gorgeous blue sky you ever saw.

We stopped for freezes on the way home and then melted into late afternoon naps on the couch. Later when Scott came home we had a really fun fitness FHE..again no pictures. We went around the neighborhood stopping at each exercise station to give everyone a chance at it. By the time we made it all the way around we stopped at our little park to rest and Scott did his rendition of Bransons floor routine in the grass.

And that is when I almost passed out laughing. I wish the world could have seen that routine. Hilarious.

I did have some pictures on my camera of the last few days. All of them were about my girls. The boys seem to be always off playing with friends lately.

Brylee is super helpful with Ella's homework. (Have I mentioned that I disdain homework?) I could just kiss her for getting this stuff done. Blekk!

Practicing some back lighting with my new lens.

Ella loves "pomatoes". Almost everyday she has a plate of sliced tomatoes for a snack or even a whole meal.

Lock up your make-up bags ladies. Cali is always on the hunt for unattended make-up.

Speaking of our little Cal-Pal, I am finding abandoned diapers more and more.

Aside from homework, potty training might be the worst of motherly tasks. No thank-you. I am strapping the diaper on a little bit longer. And in the mean time I might just get bunches of cute baby bottom pictures. Baby butts are just the best, don't you think?

Valentines day was awesome this year. Low key and simple. The best part was that Ella got to participate in her first valentines exchange. She loved it and is still talking about it.

The worst part was that Cali can infiltrate any candy strong hold. Between her ability to sneak in and get the make up and her candy penetrating abilities she should be hired by the government. Watch out Al Qaeda.

Good thing she is irrisistable.

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