Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Lot of Work and a Little Break

I am trying to figure out how I can carve out some time in the day for this blog that I love. Keeping up with the laundry, the house work and the meals for all seven of us is the bulk of what I spend my time on but there is still homework and teaching and loving and playing that needs to happen. I still have two little ones at home and three big ones that need so much attention. And I have a super wonderful husband that deserves to be my number #1. And he is but whew! Life is just work!

In my scripture study lately the work of it all has been standing out to me. I just finished reading the stories of Chief Captain Moroni with the kids (I think I can say, though it is a tough contest, that he is my favorite Book of Mormon hero) he was always ALWAYS working. I guess before I thought of so many of the miracles from the scriptures as just that...miracles. But wow, did those miracles take a whole lot of work! It's the whole, "pray to Heaven but row for the shore" concept. I can see so clearly now how the Lord blesses us when we keep the commandments but he gives us miracles when we get up and work!

I want to be like Moroni, I want his work ethic. I think I spend too much time waiting on the Lord instead of getting up and showing Him what I am willing to do with the precious gift of life that He gave. In every single account of great things happening in the scriptures, from the ark to Nephi coming to the promise land, to the Brother of Jared to Chief Captain Moroni these people WORKED for those great things. They "labored exceedingly" as the scriptures would say.

And guess what? If all men had been, and were, and ever would be like unto Moroni, yea, the very powers of hell would be shaken forever! (Alma 48, 17) That sounds pretty good to me.

I am committed to work a little harder and labor a bit more exceedingly and see what great things can come of it.

Here's what I have been working on lately... (I know all of this isn't considered real work by lots of people but MAN! it is to me!)

Applauding Ella's first loose tooth. This was an ongoing ordeal for a good week! I am so glad that little sucker finally gave up and came out!) And I am so glad that Ella is mine because she is so dang saucy and spicy and dramatic that it just keeps us laughing all day. Couldn't you just nibble that face!

Getting Branson caught up in scouts. He got a whole bunch of awards including his Webelows badge. Onto the Arrow of Light!

Celebrating Miss Cali J's 2nd birthday! She loved all that attention.

I took her out for a 2 year old photo shoot and only got one shot that I really love. She was the worst client ever. She didn't hold still for even one full second the little booger!
Here's my sweet Brylee trying to show Cali what she was supposed to be doing. Brylee is like a personal assistant when it comes to these little sisters, she is such a LOVE, even if she did gag like she had eaten poison the other night when she tried my lettuce wraps.

Scott and I were so blessed to get to spend the weekend at a beautiful resort in Sedona courtesy of one of his clients. Are you thinking that doesn't really go along with the concept of work? Well just for the record it was a TON of work to get everything arranged so that we could be gone. Once we got there though, no work at all. It was an amazing and needed break!

So now I can work even harder! Happy Valentines Day!


Katie said...

So glad you got a break. They make such a difference when facing our work!

Jedidiah said...

This is so true. Joseph Smith taught that faith is a principle of ACTION and a principle of power. Elder Bednar said the order of those principles is very important. We show faith through action and as a result we are blessed with power from heaven (aka miracles). Sometimes I think we expect heaven to bless us with a miracle first so that we will act instead of the other way around.

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