Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Letter-Cali at 2

Dear Cali,

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You are two! Two in all it's glory! The other day when I picked you up from nursery your teacher said,

"She is going to be so athletic, she is always on the move and she climbs everything."

It is true! You are an active and busy little woman. You bring a lifetime of energy and light to our home and I always get that "my heart my burst" feeling when I think of that magical day, two years ago when you arrived. Sometimes I think Heaven was giving us a piece of it's self that day, knowing that we would need it for the journey ahead. It has not been an easy two years for our family but thank goodness we've had you! You soften the hard parts and sweeten the good parts with all your delicious sugar and spice and yummy kisses and loves.

Every single one of us loves you baby girl. It seems like the big kids are always fighting over who gets to sit by you, who gets to hold you in church and whose turn it is to play with you. They all like to ask you, "Cali do you love me?" And then you yell out, "Yah!" Except sometimes you yell "DOE!" Which is your version of "no" and it is hilarious!

I was making dinner a few nights ago when you climbed up on the counter and spilled a cup of milk all over the place. It was dripping down into the cupboards and splattered all over the floor. I picked you up and set you down and said, "Cali that's no, no." You burst into tears and ran straight into the waiting arms of Brylee. She took you up to her room and let you play in there until dinner was done. You Little Sister love your Brybry. She seems to be a second Mama to you and I am so glad that you have each other.

Oh and Daddy, who knew that our manly, tough, athletic Dad would melt like butter for his baby girls. Dad will do anything for you and will go to the ends of the Earth to give you a good life, to keep you safe and to teach you the gospel. My goodness how he loves his "Sisterly". Daddy and his names! Dad started out calling you Sister but that has transformed into Sisterly and it seems to fit you perfect!

I like how you pat my cheeks and say, "nice, nice". I had to teach you that when you decided it was funny to whack me in the face and pull my hair. (It actually kinda was funny). I like how you say "markoos" for markers, and "poosh" for light switches, and I even kind of like how you scream, "GO MAMA!" from the confines of your car seat when ever I am at a red light. It is just further proof of your energetic spirit!

Cali, when you and I have eachother, snuggling close and saying goodnight, I always ask you, "where have you been all my life?" Because life without you seems like no life at all. You are sunshine and hope. You are light and joy. I love you more with each passing day, with all my heart, to the end of the world, today, tomorrow and even before that February day when you gave me a glimpse of Heaven.

How I love you my perfect Baby Girl. Happy Birthday.



Shawnie said...

You are such a beautiful writer! I can't believe your baby is 2!! Sure miss you guys!

Shawnie said...

You are such a beautiful writer! I can't believe your baby is 2!! Sure miss you guys!

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