Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Simple Birthday Bash

Maybe I should do a proper post on Cali's birthday. (And do a little preachin while I am at it).

If I love anything it's simplicity. When simple is the star of the show a whole lot of stress about decorations, party favors, and perfection can be set aside. And then when all that is not even a thought in your head--your head that already has to keep a boat load of priorities straight--well then you can focus on that little beauty that is celebrating a fantastic two years. And guess what? Two year old's don't give a whoopity-doo-whoop about party favors. My advice about birthday's is, "don't miss the mark." The mark being loving the world out of that birthday kid and not loosing that by stressing yourself out. This is life, not Pintrest my friends.

They care about LOVE and food and familiar faces and a few fun surprises to rip open. Yup, that about covers it. It's about them,  not us and our Pintrest boards, Facebook posts and Blog bragging. I know there is a place for all that fancy stuff, because some older kids really love it and some Mama's are amazingly talented at putting together magazine worthy parties. I get it,  but if it causes you heart palpations and your entire months budget to pull it off then I say let it go girl.

I made Asian chicken salad for dinner, it was delish and all I had to do to please the birthday girl was pull the chicken chunks out of the salad and cut up some cantaloupe. Whala.

Since Cali's birthday coordinates with Valentines Day it was a sinch to find some pretty cupcakes at the store, which saved me an afternoon of shewing my baby away so I could bake. So lame in my book. She wants ME not a homemade cupcake.

After Christmas I scored a $39 dollar doll on sale for $5 and a $46 doll on sale for $16. I handed Brylee and Ella the roll of wrapping paper and let them have at it. They loved being trusted with that responsibility and Cali (of course) didn't even notice the less than perfect wrap job. (Shh don't tell my Grandma, who, in her day could wrap a gift to utter perfection). Gifts-done!

The older kids are full of enough excitement and fun to account for a room full of invited guests so we stuck with just the 7 of us. We love her more than anyone else could ever and she loves us right back so it worked perfect.

I love my Cali girl. What fun we had showering her with love and celebrating her awesome little self.

Grandma Mags, famous birthday card

Opening a gift the day before from my parents

Easy, simple, awesome, perfect party that will never be show cased on Pintrest but was ideal for our TWO year old!

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