Monday, March 25, 2013

Back at It

It's happening again like it happens every time. The sun starts to sink on Sunday night--Sunday night after a good break from it all--and my heart sinks right along with it. When the kids are home, surrounding me on all sides and everywhere I look, things are not perfect. There are major messes and tons of noise. Always a few fits and fights but life just feels--good. It feels right and I like it.

So tomorrow we give our life back to school and homework and schedules but we are also taking time each day to talk about Easter and about the Savior. I made daily handouts for the kids explaining what Jesus was doing on each day of Holy week and some scriptures for them to look up on their own. There is nothing I want more for my kids than for them to know their Savior, to love Him and believe that He is real. I am excited to talk to them all week about sacred, holy, amazing, wonderful EASTER!

I also got to do a photo shoot of Scott's brothers family. I have known Spencer since he was a little boy and now he finds himself in the exact kid situation that Scott and I had. A toddler and a set of baby twins! Of course I love watching this family since it brings back lots of memories. When Scott and I did family pictures when our twins were six months old the photographer only got one decent shot. ONE. And now I totally understand why. It was tough!

We got a few good ones so we'll call it a success! I still have so much to learn.

I am logging this whole 2 week Spring Break in as one of our best. It was so nice and I am so thankful for the break and for all the goodness we smashed into it!

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Denise said...

I want your hand out that you are giving your kids each day!! can I please have them? Do you want to do a photo shoot of my baby if it ever decides to come out???

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