Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My First Girl

I have all these busy, rambunctious, determine kids, right? Right? I love each of them with a devotion that has, really, no words. They are fun and amazing and completely exhausting. And my Girl, My Brylee, also has a very determine heart and soul. But she, of all my kids, is easy in almost every aspect of an "easy kid", if there is such a thing.

She has always put her self to bed with no need for even a reminder or a request from me. She is kind hearted way down deep and she loves to be obedient and helpful. She isn't perfect and as I have started to notice signs of impending change in her, I have also noticed some more sensitive emotions and more weepy tears appearing out of nowhere. Which makes me panic...just a little.

The other day just as Brylee was hopping out of the car to head into school her back pack turned over and spilled into the parking lot. A load of papers and folders splattered everywhere and Brylee burst into tears. We pulled over and cleaned it up while she sputtered out a tearful confession.

"Mom, I have all these papers in my bag because you never came to parent-teacher conference. I stayed in from recess to get them all ready for you."

Cue: The weight of the world landing smack on my guilty heart.

The week of "student led" parent teacher conferences was an awful week for me, Cali was sick, I had tons of workers coming to the house, I was meeting up with a friend that was in the middle of a major crisis, I was making an invitation for my RS assignment and you know...all the rest of the stuff that still has to happen.

I emailed the twins teacher and asked how they were doing. And was told what I already knew, straight A's, awesome kids, doing great.

In my mind I checked off "Parent Teacher Conferences" with out a second thought. I never talked to Brylee about it, I never explained anything, I didn't even know that she was thinking about it or looking forward to it. I felt like such a loser! My poor girl. I could not get the image of her working through recess just to make me proud of her work out of my head. Bad Mom!

When she got home that day, we went through her paper work and I apologized for my mistake. Later that week she was sweet enough to be a patient model while I practiced camera settings and lighting. Never complained, never begged me to hurry up, never even stopped smiling.

This will surely not be my last Motherly mistake but I am so thankful for a sweet girl that can forgive quickly and who is tightly wrapped around heart. I love that girl, heart and soul.

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