Friday, March 1, 2013

My Piano Man

Kaden does nothing more than he plays the piano. Night and day, rain or shine, sick or well. He is drawn to those pearly keys and loves to zone out the world and pound out music. We often get to hear Branson yell out over the sound of the piano, "Kaden! Stop! I cant stand it anymore!" So supportive.

Yesterday morning when Kaden left for school he asked for a Tylenol and told me that he had a headache. When he got home in the afternoon he went straight for the piano, played for a while and then collapsed onto the couch. He stayed there all day except for two separate visits to my big tub for a warm bath. He is not feeling well and stayed snuggled under my covers while I did the morning routine with the others.

But you better believe that when he did come down for a few minutes it was only to play the piano and then he was back in bed.

I'm sad that he is sick but there is something weird in me that enjoys him being home, tucked safely into my bed with no desire to go anywhere else. (except to the piano bench) It's kinda nice.

I just love that kid.

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