Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break Week One

Hello Blog, I miss you. But the children are home from school and so, I am busy. So far we have been hiking in the Santan mountains, played our hearts out with the neighbor kids and took our new friends up to the lake to share a little bit of our "best day ever" place with them. We also spent a day playing in the hose out front and a day swimming with the cousins...Arizona is just plain confused, she is cold and rainy one day and producing record heat the next, must be a hormonal imbalance, poor girl.

Sleeping in with the kids has been a dream. And eating breakfast when ever we feel like it has been so wonderful. It feels absolutely heavenly to have the kids home, be off the schedule and FREE for a spell.

We kicked off Spring Break with a trip to Tucson for Branson's last meet. I loved how Kaden and Brylee cheered Branson on. Every time he was up they would get their IPods and record his event, Kaden even compiled each clip into a video montage. I also love Branson's poker face, he shows absolutely no emotion when he is competing and even during the awards...I don't know how he does it.

I did not love trying to keep Little Bitty from running out onto the mats, it was exhausting keeping that girl happy during the 5 hour meet.

Now for the down side...We had a great time driving out to Tucson. It was rainy and cold and I always like the feeling of having everyone together in the car. On the way Kaden made a "trailer" of our journey using Scott's phone. He was quite the directer, giving is instructions and cues like, "Mom pull your gum out really slow like you are bored." And "Dad act like you are really frustrated.". He even included the huge, beautiful and totally complete rainbow that we saw, it was amazing.

Just after we got done laughing at Kaden's video and as we were getting right into the heart of Tucson, Kaden took his seat belt off and leaned from his spot in the back seat into the front to get something. I was driving and as soon as Kaden did that,  I saw red and blue lights coming from the unmarked police car behind me.

I pulled over and the grouchy policeman gave me two seat belt tickets (one for Kaden and one because Branson only had a lap belt and not a shoulder belt) and then he asked me to come to his car where he proceeded to tell me how bad of a Mother I am because I should not be letting my children out of their seat belts and how great of a parent he is because he would never. The lecture went on and on so long that I started to tear up. I am not used to being talked to so rudely, I guess. It was shocking to tell the truth.

Kaden and Branson felt horrible and Scott was about to go all "knight in shining armor" on the guy, poor Scott was so ticked! But what that mean old policeman should know is, we did not let him ruin our trip and within minutes we were back to cheerful and excited about our weekend. Rest assured that when I send in  my seat belt fine there will be a letter of complaint attached and and apology requested  demanded.

What a stinker.

So onward into week two of spring break! Hope the second is as good as the first...minus the ticket. Boo.

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Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

ok julz, i loved the pictures of bransons meet, he looked awesome. I cant believe you let that @#!@!!!! cop make you cry. If something like that happens again, tell the cop to give you the ticket and stick his lecture where the sun dont shine.

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